The Spirit of Courage

When you run out of choices, mobilize the spirit of courage. We are brave people. We choose to live, and life is full of both joy and sorrow.

We must choose to learn from the hard and challenging times, and we recognize this, we need courage to change our behavior, values, and beliefs. 

Courage means doing what needs to be done in spite of fear. Courage means facing what we can’t change, even that we can’t change the fact that we are not perfect.

Therefore, we need the help of others. We give and get at the same time. Courage is more than being tough on ourselves or others. We are humans. We must have God in our lives. We have the strength to choose to be connected with the loving power of ה’, and to live honestly, humbly, and to have faith. 

The prayer of the day: I pray to God that I will have the courage to love myself and to accept and respect myself without blaming and judging. I deserve it.