Let Go and Let God

There are no problems, only opportunities for growth. 

As humans, problems can seem too big for us. We get afraid and feel powerless. We worry and get upset both with ourselves and others. We blame and judge. These are our defense mechanisms. Worry is a lonely activity; it puts distance between us and others. It’s really up to us how to deal with worry and problems.

Let Go and Let God.

Their main message is to stop worrying. Put your trust in God. We must learn to believe in the unlimited power of  ה’ that He will take care of us. 

With this new attitude, we will have the power to face our problems with our inner strength. Such is life, but we can get through them without fear. We don’t have to get overwhelmed or make things worse.

We must be kind to ourselves. We all deserve love, respect, and acceptance. We can live through problems – with ה’s help. Trust God and trust your inner strength.