Happiness Is the Key to Success

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. 

Successful people make life look easy; they make it seem like they have everything they want. And even more importantly, they didn’t work hard to get it. It looks like they don’t have any challenges or struggles. But that isn’t true at all. In fact, success comes after years of hard work, trial, and error. Hard learning experience leads the way toward attaining success. 

The key is this: We must choose to do what we really want. What we like, and not what others would like us to do. To please others is the wrong choice. We must be honest with our feelings first and continually have to keep working at it and not take it for granted.

Sometimes we might feel down, sad, angry, and low on energy. Sometimes we might feel worthless and powerless. The miracle is, that we can still feel happiness. How can it be? The answer is that we are doing what is right for us. When we are aware of our thoughts and feelings; when we respect our inner self without blaming and judging, we are able to experience happiness.

It’s all about our choice. We know what is best for us, and we choose to live our own lives and not a life according to others. Real success has to do with our happiness. Happy people are successful when they keep in mind the value of learning and learn from everyone all the time. We teach and learn at the same time.