Happiness is a Choice

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts,

What does it mean to be happy?

We all want to be happy, but sometimes we just don’t know how. Many are not even sure what happiness means. 

One of the the basic principles of happiness is that we make it for ourselves; we don’t find it. It is possible that sometimes we don’t even know that we are happy. We get too busy with the everyday life and routine.

We need to slow down and know that when we do what we need to, happiness comes, and that happens when we are honest with ourselves. Honest with our inner truth and strength. When we are true friends. When we live in the way ה’ wants us to live.

We can make only one person happy, and that is ourselves. 

We can apply this to our lives by being grateful for the good things we have, and by loving and respecting ourselves and others as we are.

We all are the very unique children of ה’, and I am responsible for myself only. Others may learn from us, but ultimately, they can choose how they want to live. It’s their choice. It has nothing to do with me.

How can I choose to be happy, even when I have challenges? Sometimes they are not so easy and simple. The answer lies in our choice to be connected with the unlimited power of ה’.  To be happy, we need to be thankful for everything we have, focus on the positive, and to share that outlook with others. 

That is the power of choice. We have the power to be happy; to trust our inner strength and not the wrong power – the controlling ego.

Think good and it will be good.