Embrace Your Uniqueness

We are all part of each other; each with our own unique purpose. 

Each of us is special, yet in some ways, we are all different. Sometimes, though, we try to hide those specialties. We don’t want to be “different”, we are scared, we don’t want to be blamed and judged. We want to please others and in doing so, we ignore ourselves. 

But, the ways that we are different make us special and stronger.

It’s like a puzzle in which all pieces are needed. God created us as different and unique as snowflakesand we all exist in this world for each other. We need all those qualities that each of us has to offer. 

Being like others helps us feel safe and secure, but there is another point of view. We need to embrace the fact that we are different from others, and perceive this as a necessary and good thing. When we think differently, and act differently, we are able to grow in the right way and learn from each other. We are able to concieve newr ideas and learn to be flexible and kind to each other.

This is the beauty of life. We each have our own way to make life easier and better for others. We are all individuals connected to each other. We all need to use our own unique qualities for ourselves and others.