Acceptance & Faith

In the mirror, everybody sees his or her best friend.

Our ego and our self-reliance want only to hear good things and to only acknowledge our successes, our beauty, our talents. We want power and control.

As humans, we don’t want to feel fear, anger or shame. Those feelings are a reminder of our powerlessness. It’s easier to run away. 

When we choose to be connected to the unlimited power of ה’, we learn to handle the hard things too, without running back to our mistakes and weaknesses. We have the power to choose the path of our life. 

Acceptance and faith are the most important parts of our life. Acceptance means we can see the world as it is and not as we want it to be. We are humans and not perfect, and it is not shameful to be imperfect. ה’ created us as human beings. This is our goal and our direction; to do the best we can at the present time. To be able to live in the “here” and “now”. Acceptance guides us towards faith by believing in our limitations and in the unlimited power of ה’ at the same time, and giving up control of outcomes.

ה’ and I together will help me achieve my true potential.