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Do you feel anxious and stressed out? Are you battling feelings of insecurity, low self esteem? Are you suffering from the effects of addiction and parenting issues?  More importantly, are you feeling lost and frustrated finding someone to help you navigate these challenging personal and individual issues?

You don’t need to look farther than this. Simcha Coaching is the best way for you to deal with these problems.
I offer my clients tools, ideas, and special techniques to develop skills for building meaningful relationships with themselves and others. My coaching style is based on comprehensive listening, free of judgment and blame. All my clients are treated with honesty, respect, and confidentiality.

At Simcha Coaching the intent is to work on emotional and behavioral management, which aid the client in becoming more independent within the close family, friends, and at work as well. We work interpersonal skills, self care, and independence development.  Throughout the sessions the client learns to identify his/her strengths and needs.  The goal is for clients to learn and acquire new skills that were unlearned because of wrong believes that are blocking progress. The new learned skills will help them to feel happier and more appreciated. Examples for such skills include: communication, domestic skills, self care, socialization and relationships.

My coaching style is based on full listening without blaming and judging, and constantly giving positive feedback, and all my clients are treated with honesty, respect and confidentiality. If you are struggling with feeling less talented than others, or if you are feeling shame and frustration as a mother or wife, or if you are feeling misunderstood, please reach out and see how I can help you dive into your true inner self, so you can fulfill your dreams.

Simcha Coaching works to identify and restore coping techniques that can help the individual function at their best, within the family, community, and social environment. If you are struggling with negative feelings and thoughts about yourself, don’t worry! You are not alone.

Give us a call and schedule an appointment, and see for yourself the difference given by Simcha Coaching.


Bella you are amazing. Your professionally confident, your respect towards me, and by not being judgmental, I was able to improve my communication skills. This significant improvement led us to a relaxed atmosphere. There is no need to raise my voice. There is no room for arguments. This is the freedom of speech.

- G.K.
Thank you Bella. Your acceptance and empathy focused on me,helps me to improve the quality of my life. I got the tools and techniques that allowed me to increase positive feelings like:compassion and self esteem.

- C.S.
Thank you Bella for being there for me. Your flexible attitude helped me to learn how to make healthier choices. I am able to accept and trust myself. I developed coping strategies to manage stressful situations.

- H.K.
Thank you Bella. I feel like a new person. Your fully listening without blaming and judging, your acknowledge the anxiety helped me to improve my communication skills. I learned how to understand my behavior. To listen to my thoughts. Therefore I am not afraid to share my own ideas and thoughts. You gave me the courage to develop a better self acceptance. I am proud of myself for being able to express my feelings, even anger, shame and/or fear. I trust my feelings no matter what.

- E.E.
Thank you very much. Your advice and guidance is much appreciated. They helped me think through my situation, and got tools to change my point of view. My life changed to be more meaningful.

- F.L.
Thank you for your wonderful advice and direction. I appreciate your encouragement.

- S.F.
Thank you for guiding me through this process. For living healthier and happier life.

- S.B.

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Get to know who you really are. Dive into your true inner self, so you can fulfill your dreams. 

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